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Value-added Services

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Time-limited refund and safe delivery

Deppon may provide customers our Cash on Delivery service in case that customers sell and deliver goods to their consumers. We can collect and refund the money within the specific time limit to ensure your optimal cash flow and bottom line.

Road Freight Insurance

Easy compensation with total peace of mind

Road Freight Insurance refers to a special road freight service that is based on the value of goods declared by the customer and jointly determined by the freighter and customer. You may claim the actual value of goods, and our Road Freight Insurance can give you financial protection against most risks of physical loss or damage due to external causes.

Freight Security

Professional packaging solutions with more safety and security

Incorrect packaging may result into potential hazards, and is also a prime criminal of unexpected damage and loss. The statistics indicate that, improper packaging is the root cause for 47.5% of the damaged or lost of goods in transit. Deppon Express provides a tailored packaging solutions as per your specific cargo categories and requirements.